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Job Position : Senior Lecturer / Lecturer - Sport & Wellness Management
Application Closing Date : 25-JUL-20
Plan and design curriculum, enhance and deliver lessons for both pre-employment training (PET) and continuing education and training (CET)
Design and supervise practice-based training and events, develop and administer applied learning projects and activities for students in the Teaching Enterprise Project training centres
Spearhead developmental initiatives, undertake research projects and/or develop industry collaborations for both academic and Teaching Enterprise Project training centres
Develop, supervise and mentor students including the provision of pastoral care and career guidance
At least 5 year(s) of relevant experience in the sport industry
A tertiary qualification in Sports and Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, Health or any Sport-related discipline
Extensive work in a multi-disciplinary setting or can demonstrate entrepreneurial, global or innovative attributes
Managerial experience in health & wellness including physical fitness and nutrition education
Strong communication and good interpersonal skills, with ability to meet deadlines and multi-task
Familiarity with the use of technology or digital applications to enhance sport or fitness performance and/or to drive personal wellness development
Working knowledge or exposure with the esports and cybergaming community will be an advantage
As this is an applied learning environment, hands-on and field experience in relevant areas as well as willingness and ability to coach students in activities held on campus or externally and on weekends is essential


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