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School of Information Technology

Job Position : Senior Lecturer / Lecturer - Artificial Intelligence
Application Closing Date : 20-AUG-20
Develop course including curriculum development, course delivery and project supervision
Spearhead and identify new opportunities, initiatives and collaborations with the industry
Plan, lead, manage and undertake AI project development with industry
At least 3 year(s) of relevant experience in related domain
Relevant qualification in the area of Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology or related fields of study
Proficient in software development, preferably with python experience
Experience in using any of the deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, MxNet or Keras
Experience in using any of the machine learning toolkits such as Scikit Learn, Pandas and NumPy
Experience in using any of the NLP frameworks such as NLTK, Stanford CoreNLP or OpenNLP
Familiar with one or more algorithms such as object detection, classification, tracking and image segmentation
Good knowledge in learning algorithms such as decision trees, support vector machines, and CNNs
Preference for candidates with practical experience in designing and implementing Al (machine learning or deep learning) to solve certain business problems
Candidates with Al research experience will also be considered for this position


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