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Job Position : Senior Lecturer / Lecturer - Retail and Event Management
Application Closing Date : 20-AUG-20
Design and develop module curriculum content for both synchronise and asynchronise lessons and deliver lecture and tutorial through both face-to-face and/or interactive e-learning modes in E-Commerce, Retail Merchandising and Analytics, and/or Digital Marketing for both pre-employment training (PET) and continuing education and training (CET)
Undertake and manage industry projects in e-commerce and social media marketing, guide learners in using relevant technical software applications for e-commerce website development, and provide e-commerce and digital marketing related consultancy services for the industry partners
Plan, coordinate and implement e-commerce and retail management related events, such as webinar and career fair, study trip, alumni and student activities
Assist in development, planning, marketing, operations, logistic support and training for both online and offline retailing platforms for the business centre
Develop and guide learners in their holistic development and provide pastoral care and career guidance to learners
To coach and provide guidance to learners during their internship
At least 3 year(s) of relevant experience in E-Commerce, Retail Analytics or Digital Marketing
Relevant qualification in the area of Business, Computer Science or Marketing
Strong communication skills and good interpersonal skills, with ability to meet deadlines and multi-task
As this is an applied training environment, hands-on and field experience in relevant areas as well as willingness and ability to coach learners in the field is a must
Candidate should possess relevant experience in one or more of the following areas:
E-Commerce, Retail Merchandising and Analytics, and/or Digital Marketing


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