Professional and Administrative Positions


Job Position : Application Specialist
Application Closing Date : 31-DEC-14
Coordinates and manages the library systems, IT infrastructure and enhancements
Coordinates and manages the library website, its development and enhancements
Provides technical support to library projects and development of emerging technologies
Initiates and implements technology and programmes to benefit library users
Conceptualises and manages digital content and online communities
Develops applications and technology initiatives to promote resources and services
Develops IT-enabled library services
Performs data discovery and analysis
At least 3 year(s) of relevant experience in IT applications and system support
Experience in managing IT systems and services in library environment and/or in developing new IT-enabled library services
Experience in digital media, social media and proficient in using ICT tools
Good communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to multi-task and work independently as well as in a team


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